Blessing Acres LLC is a family owned apiary located in the heart of Jackson County.  We focus on keeping our bees healthy and we do our part to increase awareness of honey bees and promote beekeeping to the general public.  The apiary is owned and operated by Mike & Sally Blessing.  What is an apiary?  It’s just a fancy term for a bee farm!  Our raw honey is natural and ready to eat right out of the hive.  The process of making creamed honey requires a slight warming but the temperatures are only high enough to make the honey very fluid and do not exceed the temperature of the bee hives.  We do not pasteurize the honey.  We do filter the honey to remove any unwanted particles.  We are a small bee farm that will be expanding each year so expect our honey crop to increase yearly.

This site serves several purposes. Most importantly is to help educate and pass along what we are learning. It also serves as an easy contact venue for selling honey and bee products. We began our beekeeping venture with 5 Langstroth and one Top Bar hive in the summer of 2013. The Top Bar was a gift from our daughter Christmas 2012. That meant we had to get serious about raising bees. So the winter of 2013-14, we had 6 hives all bundled for the winter and held our breathe.  Surprise…. beginners luck… good mentoring… all 6 hives thrived.  Each summer we split hives and this winter we went into winter with 30 thriving hives.  Spring will reveal how our bees faired through the winter months!